About Paradise Porch (Reasons why you started a home improvement blog etc. accompanied by a little info about the author)

By: Debbie Rodgers

home improvement

It was 5 years ago that I wanted to sell my home. I was really sad because the price most of the buyers wanted to give me was less than half of the real price. I had really no idea why my home price was not even the half of the real price. I talked about this title with my parents, neighbors and friends but none of them were helpful. I had no idea. One day my nearest friend told me to search in internet. So I decided to search in Internet hoping to find ideas for improving home value. Surprisingly, there were lots of websites about increasing home value, home décor and many more. I read most of the blog and did exactly what was told in the blogs. Due to that my home was sold for more than I expected. Some of the blogs were so informative that I was really motivated and started my own site. Since then I have been writing ideas about the topics like how to increase your home value, Cleaning Kitchen, Painting rooms, Bathroom makeovers and many more. Many people like me 5 years ago who want to improve their home are in need of these kinds of blogs. So, to help them and make their task easier I decided to start this home improvement blog. Below are the detailed reasons why I started my own blog:

  1. To help in need

My very first motive was to help people who are in need for whatever the reasons about home improving. If you want any kind of help in the regarding topic like Bathroom makeovers, Cleaning Kitchen Perfectly, how to increase your home value and many more, I thought that blog could help you. So, I decided to start a home improvement blog.

  1. Less expensive Contractors

Despite the fact that the lodging market has recuperated to a degree, numerous contractual workers are still urgent for work. This implies for you to get diminished value and appreciate some huge reserve funds, particularly on the off chance that you give a few temporary workers a chance to go after your occupation.

  1. Get ready for Future Potential Buyers

Before I purchased the home I as of now live in, I had a home review done. It was most likely the best venture I ever constructed. After the underlying stroll through with my home assessor, we found at any rate $2,000 in repairs that should have been done before I would consent to purchase it. Looking forward, I ask why anybody would need to place themselves in this circumstance. When you go to offer your home, there will be numerous things that you have to deal with. Why muddle the procedure by including a broad rundown of repairs and updates that you have to perform before your potential purchaser will consent to the deal? Work these things into your financial plan now, and you’ll spare yourself a couple of cerebral pains once you do inspire prepared to offer.

  1. Basic Updates

Principal upgrades build the estimation of your home. Keep the paint new and adjust the housetop when it spills. Additionally arrange any sort of mold that you find. These sorts of errands keep your home from separating. Buyers require a sound, solid, safe home, and they hunt meticulously down signs of routine backing. I’ve supplanted the electric wiring in my home. Firstly, I repainted the outside then supplanted the funnels and repainted within. These endeavors keep my home perfectly healthy so that when I do endeavor and offer afresh, buyers will see an overall tended to home.

7 Incredible Bathroom makeovers

All of our dreams are to have warm shower in our bathrooms. Not in a lame old one. A beautifully remodeled bathroom results to years of comfort and pleasure. So I have come to 7 expert ways to bathroom makeovers. It’s simple and can be done by you too. Here are the lists for better improvements:

  1. Wooden crates

You can buy it or make it yourself. Wooden crates make smart holders for rolled towels and extra toilet papers. It is not so expensive to buy and if you want to create it yourself. All you need is just nails and wooden boards. Then you are good to go.

Wooden crates

  1. Tile the Countertop

It is the cheapest way to upgrade your old bathroom to new ones. An alternative to a stone slab, a tiled counter resists water which costs a lot less and is very easy for DIYers to install. This top has white painted wood edging to go with vanity below. A bead of clear caulk keeps water away from the wood.

Tile Bathroom Countertop

  1. Build a Dresser Vanity

Everyone wants to have old and classic or modern euro style bathrooms. Before the indoor plumbing there was wash-basin and the look is just as stylish now as it was then. Learn how to create your own vintage or euro dresser bathroom vanity. Here are the steps to it:

  1. Convert the drawers
  2. Remove the tops’
  3. Cut plumbing holes
  4. Install the top and sink
  5. Connect the Plumbing

Don’t want to do it yourself then you can buy it too.

euro style bathrooms

  1. Paint the Floor

Give worn wood floors a new look by brushing boards with glossy porch paint to match your bath’s color scheme. You can do it for yourself. The thing you have to buy is just paint and brushes. That’s all! Simple it is.

Bathroom Floor Painting

  1. Anchor a Towel Bar

A wet towel is heavy than a dry towel. It can damage the walls. So to make sure that your towel stays of the floor and you and bars stays secure here below are the ways to anchor a towel bar:

  1. Cut through dry walls to expose studs
  2. Notch exposed studs
  3. Remove Waste woods
  4. Add support for backing
  5. Fit backing into notches
  6. Replace and patch drywall
  7. Apply joint compound
  8. Finally, Install the bars and it’s done

Anchor a Towel Bar

  1. Add Mirrors

Mirrors are always a great option for great bathroom makeover. It is not expensive too. If you already have a mirror or a small one then change it to large one. A retractable mirror is a practical solution on walls that won’t allow for a conventional mirror. A simple framed mirror, oak look laminate flooring and polished nickel sconces complete the ensemble. It makes your bathroom look both simple and luxurious at the same time.

bathroom mirror

  1. Add a Bouquet of Flowers

Most of us have flowers in our room, office, bedroom and various other places in our home. But we don’t really add flowers in our bathroom. It is usually unexpected. What about putting some fresh flowers there? You can add freshness to the room by adding a small vase of yard – cut greens.

Bathroom Flowers

Why it’s good enough to play with NERF

I thought that my sons should not play with the nerf guns but I was wrong. Whilst I used to be a child developing up, my dad and mom did no longer allow me to play with toy weapons. My mother and father had been pacifists and did no longer suppose it became proper for kids to play violent games. The impact of this ban turned into simple. Children could nonetheless play battle in the park near our residence, however we would use sticks as weapons or borrow toy weapons from our pals.

As you may see, my mother and father banned toy guns and games but all the efforts made by them turned completely useless. I assume what made it worse is that we had been hiding our video games from our mother and father and consequently, that they had no opportunity to offer crucial guidance approximately guns and violence. About my son I noticed that he started constructing guns out of Lego earlier than he even had a toy gun. We do not watch a lot of television, however he picked up the concept of guns anyway.

I allow my young youngsters to play with NERF guns, however with oversight and steerage. I want them to find out about weapons and violence through this toy instead of later with a real gun.

I think there are a few capacity benefits of gambling with NERF weapons. They are:

  1. Physical workout: Toys like this assist them get off the sofa, far away from the television or Xbox and onto their feet for some an awful lot wanted workout. Children want as a minimum two hours an afternoon of physical hobby to stay healthy, faculty isn’t always giving them that, but games like this could assist.
  2. Competitiveness: It is a competitive world. If you want something, you want to head and compete for it. NERF video games educate children to compete.
  3. Resilience to strain: competition induces some strain, it is good for youngsters to learn how to cope with small quantities of stress in a gaming environment.
  4. Socializing with Friends: When we are kids we need a lot of friends to hang out with. We will be like a doll if we don’t hang out with. So, we should send our children’s to hang out with their friends. Nerf guns are the best solutions. It helps to socialize with the friends.

NERF weapons

What sort of video games To Play

There are a number of video games that may be played with NERF guns. It is a superb concept to wear safety glasses with the sport as the darts can probably hurt your eyes in case of direct hit.

  1. Goal practice: This is a good sport to educate kid’s proper gun dealing with strategies. It calls for concentration and motor abilities from them. Teach them to aim at toys that can be knocked over from 5 – 8 FT away.
  2. NERF warfare: Extra suitable for older children. Setting up a goal of the sport can be performed without or with re-admission of struck players.

NERF warfare

Sewing tips and tricks for beginners

Many of us buy sewing machine but find it hard to use. We are clue less on how to work with the machine. So almost all of us leave the machine untouched for many years until it is completely useless. The thing is that the machine is now the problem, we are. So, to prevent all of these hassles I have come up with a great idea which will benefit the users. Now you all by yourself can make your sewing machine of great use. Below here are tips and tricks for the beginners:

  1. Clean Machine

Is your sewing machine dusty? Most of the time we only care about the outside but not the inside unless we find it. Well let’s go step to step on the topic on how to clean it properly. It’s really easy and simple. All you need is

  1. Long Tweezers
  2. Small Brush and
  3. Disc Shape Screwdriver

Make sure the needle is in Up position. Then remove the needle and the foot holder. Just slide the needle cover plate. You can now see all the greasy junks. Yuck! Now, it’s time to start cleaning. Take the Tweezers, Small Brush and start cleaning. You will be shocked to find out all the lint balls which you have cleaned for many days. Remember the trick is to clean carefully in every corner. Once your done your machine is all set up for action.

Clean Machine

  1. Cutting pattern

It’s really important for us to know whether we are cutting the pattern right or wrong. To cut the pattern perfectly and preparing fabric is the beginning of a successful sewing project. Right attention and accuracy makes a lot of difference in sewing. The less you concentrate the less better results you get. Small mistakes could lead to a lot of frustration and you could end up not to use the sewing machine. So to prevent all these frustrations and to make your work more easier and reliable here is the answer.

Most garment patterns includes marks of some kind which indicates things like pocket, zipper/buttonhole, or notches to make sure that separate pieces are aligned correctly. The way you choose to transfer marks is your own choice partly decided on the type of fabric you are using. Notches are transferred by making a small clip or with a line of tailor’s chalk. For other marks a tracing wheel and carbon paper might do the trick. The best option is to use chalk. It is less time consuming and easier too.

Even after moving furniture, can't get all of the quilt into one photo

  1. Top stitching

Top stitching means the stitching that is sewn on top of the garments. It is made to make the garments look more decorative as well as functional. To the new sewers you may find it hard and unable to do. But don’t panic because it’s really simple and easy hurdle to clear.

First of all use the thread that matches your fabric. Using the thread which matches the fabric makes small mistakes unnoticeable. Secondly, practice many times until you become good at it. Sew slowly and take your time. Soon you will become an expert at it. Go girl!

Top stitching

How to actually increase your home value

If you are willing to sell your house at more rate or renovating, it’s really important for you to know which projects will increase your home’s worth and which ones can harm it. So, here is the most effective ways to increase your home value.

  1. Paint kitchen cabinets.

Adding a new cabinetry can be really expensive, but you can buy a couple coats of new paint which can make an outdated kitchen look much more modern and clean.

Paint kitchen cabinets

  1. Update cabinet handles.

Changing out generic or older cabinet handles can make a kitchen look different. It really makes the home look more worthy.

cabinet handles

  1. Add extra seating areas outside.

Adding an outdoor dining table to a porch or yard makes it will seem like there’s even more space even if it’s a little crowded or of small yard.

outdoor dining table

  1. Get new outlet and lightswitch plates.

These get dirty with use but are really cheap to replace which costs $1 each. If you want to go really fancy then paint your plates the same color as the wall so they would disappear more.

Wall Plates

  1. First impression is the last impression.

The front of your house is the first thing most of the buyers see, so make sure it’s welcoming. Add some extra plants to the entrance. Also don’t forget to paint the door.

House Front

  1. Make upgrades to your landscaping.

According to 21st century realtors, landscaping and a first good impression can increase a home’s value from 15% – 30%.

house landscaping

  1. Turn any room into a bedroom with a wardrobe or closet.

Turn your office or any other rooms into usable bedroom by either adding freestanding wardrobe or a closet.

freestanding wardrobe

  1. Add visible storage

Hidden storage might be good for living in a home but buyers want to have a lot of storage space. A few extra shelves in a blank space can make a big difference.

Hidden storage

  1. If you’re really going to invest, start in the kitchen.

No one likes to buy old utensils specially the kitchen appliances. Kitchen upgrades like new appliances will usually give you the biggest return on your investment. Highly recommended if you are really going to invest your money.

kitchen appliances

  1. Paint older bathtubs.

You don’t actually have to change old bathtubs to new ones. All you have to do is just paint it and boom it’s new!

Paint older bathtubs

  1. Hide some of your home’s eyesores.

Some things which are really necessary to a home function can be covered or hidden and no doubt they still work perfectly. This trick let’s you cover up a thermostat or alarm with just paintings and canvas portrait.

hide thermostat

  1. Add mirrors.

Mirrors are the cheapest and simplest way to make any space feel lighter and bigger.


  1. Paint your window frames.

Most builder-grade windows are darker inside. Sometimes they are even black. You can paint the interior frames to make the window look bigger and modern.

window frames


  1. Update window frames.

Update windows by making them look larger. You can do that by adding a new apron and molding.

Update window frame

  1. Go for neutral paint colors.

Bright and beautifully colored living room might be goo but a neutral clean palette is much more palatable for most buyers.

neutral paint colors.

  1. Upgrade your lighting.

Upgrading lighting in the main rooms can actually make the whole room bright and expensive. It’s cheaper too.

lighting in the main rooms

  1. Upgrade your fixtures.

Door locks, faucets and knobs are all fairly cheap to paint. So, start painting them and make them look brand new.

door lock painting

  1. Paint unsightly tile.

If you don’t want to fully replace any of your tiled floors then you can actually paint them to look fresh and clean.

floor tiles painting

12 DIY Home Décor ideas You Must see

We all want to decorate our homes in classic and extraordinary ways. Having a set of unique home décor items will make you the center of the party. It will impress all your guests. Just to make sure that your house is the coolest one in the neighborhood! Grab some nails, a hammer and some paint.  If you want to reinvent the interior of your home in a cheapest way, well no doubt you have come to the right place. Here you will find 12 outstanding home decor ideas that you can try by yourself.

  1. Redesign Coffee Table 

Do you have an old coffee table sitting around? Making it shine again with this new idea. First of all get some bags of marbles, spray paint and glue. Secondly, clean the top side of the table to create a good workable surface. Then, spray paint the side, and dip the marbles in a bit of glue. Arrange the marbles in your own attractive way to give the new table an excellent look.Redesign Coffee Table

  1. Printing Messages

Print any type of messages on any type of fabric in your own way with this awesome cloth printing technique. You will need simple supplies, like a sponge brush, table runner, letter stencil, a working iron and fabric paint. The things you need to do is to write out your own words with the stencils, fill the letters with fabric paint and let it dry. Set it with an iron and enjoy this simple, effective design.

cloth printing

  1. Personalized Sharpie dinnerware

Have you ever needed your own custom and personalized tableware to use whenever you invite your friends over? Well, look no additional than the set of tremendous sharpie markers that permit you to revamp and adorn your own eating plates, mugs and the other menage instruments. You’ll be able to write or doodle on tableware with a sharpie marker by baking it at 350 degrees for half-hour and therefore the style can keep for good. It extremely works! And it extremely is that easy.

personalized tableware

  1. Wine Rack

Build your own wine rack by following these unique ideas. Get yourself a board, a pine wood board, a white wood board, metal holders and use any tools you have in the shed. Make two holes on the each side of the board, and just make sure to space the boards to accommodate a wine bottle. This simple and effective design will add a new look to your living room.

wine rack

  1. Make a pomander flower ball

Pomanders are wonderful floral decorations that can adorn any dining room. Get some styrofoam balls, corsage pins and two sheets of paper and you are ready to start. Punch each flower petal and then pin down two petals with pin to the styrofoam ball. Repeat this step for each pin and you will be decorating your room with a flower ball.


  1. Clothes line planter candles

Make your own planter candles with this following simple and unique technique. You will be needing some wooden clothes hangers, an empty can of tuna and some candles. Firstly, clean the tuna can and pin the clothes hangers on the sides to create a circle. In the middle place one candle or a planter. Then you are ready to go!

planter candles

  1. Pallet Coffee table

This small project requires an old pallet and if only you want mobility then you can add some cart wheels otherwise not really necessary. Sand and clean the pallet, then grind and paint it with the color you want to. Let it dry for an hour or so and attach the wheels using screws. The coffee table is done and in a simplest way.

Pallet Coffee table

  1. Cupcake Stand

It’s really easy to create your own cake stand that will adorn any dining table. You’ll need a cookie cutter, four candy canes, a red ribbon and peppermint candies. Preheat the oven to 300F and then cut the cookies in halves. Bake the cookies for 6 minutes. Carefully push them out of the mold. It’s all ready and you have made yourself a mesmerizing cupcake stand.

Cupcake Stand

  1. Acorn Drink Stirrers

Acorns are the image of fall. You can create them the way you may want. You’ll need some acorns, wood sticks, and shellac spray. First of all spray the acorns with the lacquer and so use the ice choose to create very little holes within the acorns. Place the stick within the fruit and pop the stirrer into the cocktail. It’s straightforward as that!

Acorn Drink Stirrers

  1. Coffee filter wreath

Making your own flower arrangement doesn’t get any cheaper than this. You’ll need coffee filters of 2 packs, foam wreath, glue and a pencil. Warm up some glue and wrap a coffee filter around the tip. After that add a small ampunt of glue on the tip. Stick the pen into the foam wreath, leaving the coffee filter inside it. It is really that simple and you will have an exciting wreath for the holidays at almost no cost.

Coffee Filter Wreath

  1. Mix up the way you add plants to your home.

Always be creative! You don’t have to copy what others do. Be more like extraordinary while hanging your plants. If you and your neighbor has done the same way to hang the plants then change it. Exchange all the containers from light bulbs to watering cans. Choose tiny attractive plants than big ones.

hanging plant

  1. If you can’t paint your walls, add some color to your furniture.

There’s always other way. If you don’t want to paint the entire piece then you can always use either spray paint or regular paint. When painting wooden furniture, make sure to clean off any residue, sand everything down, prime it, paint at least two coats with a foam roller and finally protect it.

painting wooden furniture